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Behind the Logo and Name: Venturion

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

The Venturion™ logo is the unmistakable majestic Pegasus, a mythical creature revered for its grace and power. The Pegasus, with its wings forming a bold "V," signifies the brand's core values: speed, strength, and artistic inspiration. These attributes inspire us daily as we design products that resonate with the spirit of adventure, encouraging travelers to explore the world with vigor and enthusiasm.

Our name is a harmonious fusion of "Venture" and "Centurion." "Venture" symbolizes our aspiration for people to embark on daring journeys, explore uncharted territories, and embrace new experiences fearlessly. "Centurion" represents the ideal – not just once, twice, or even ten times, but a hundred times over. We encourage individuals to venture into the world, not just once in a lifetime, but repeatedly, a hundred times, each time discovering something new and exciting.

Ever since our inception celebrating the year man flew, 1912, every man and woman who dons the Venturion Pegasus pledges to lead a life of adventure with the intention of victory. Any Venturion product with the emblematic Pegasus becomes your lifelong companion, a reminder to soar to new heights, conquer challenges, and revel in the thrill of every triumph. We all fight battles everyday, let the Pegasus continue to be a beacon of inspiration on your path to a life filled with adventure, value, virtue, and victory.

Venturion is your call to adventure, an invitation to explore the world with us in all its diversity. Will you join us?

venturion pegasus logo

Venturion™, a Shopping Lots brand, is a pioneering luxury travel accessories brand that elevates the travel experience. With innovative designs, superior quality, and a passion for exploration, Venturion empowers travelers to embrace the world with confidence and style.


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